Exhibition overview


· Title
Yacht & Boat Korea 2015
· Date
2015. 4. 30(Thur.) ~ 5. 3(Sun.), 4 days
· Venue
Changwon Exhibition Convention Center(CECO)
Exhibition - Exhibition Hall 1 & 2, Outdoor Exhibition Area
Business & Conference Programs - Convention Hall, Conference Rooms
· Exhibition Scale
150 companies from 20 countries, 600 booths(10,975��)
· Host
Gyeongsangnam-do Province, Changwon City, Gyeongnam Technopark
End-product of 
Yacht & Boat
Sailboat, Racer Yacht, Cruiser Yacht, Motor Boat, Power Boat, Fishing Boat etc
Parts and Equipment of 
Yacht & Boat
Engine, Water Pump, Electrical Units of ship, Interior Materials of Yacht, Sali, Sheet, Wire etc
Shipbuilding EquipmentsSailing Equipment, Engine & Institution Facilities, Marin Communication Security,   Equipment, Marine Security Rescue & Equipment,Firefighting Equipment.
Marina Facilities, 
Apparatus and Materials
Dork System, Self-Assembly Floating Devices, Ponton
Marine Leisure ProductsWater Ski, Jet Skim, Rubber Boat, Wind-Surfing, Fishing Materials,Navigation, Reader,   GDP, Cloths and Devices for Skin-Scuba, etc
Service, Organization 
and Institution
Yacht & Boat Chater, Marine leisure school and association,Marine leisure industry association.