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From May the 10th to 13th, Donga Corp. participates in the 'Yacht&Boat Korea 2012' which is held at CECO and parts of Jinhaeru to show various kinds of marine materials.

(Photo: Marine insulator 'NB FOAM')

Marine insulators are harmless to human body and are semi-permanent compared to the rocky andglass-surfaced textiles, and are also very strong in that they are inflammable due to the products thathave been used on the insulator, which are Urethane that is ether-class.

Because of the fact that itdoes not produce as much gas it does in other products, it is likely that the product will be used widelyin regards to making a boat. The director of the Dona corp. said "It is likely that it will gain large amount of exporting benefits inthat it got its technology purely from the domestic market and also got a patented mark and is alsoapplicable at many of the shores already".

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Meanwhile, at the 'Yacht&Boat Korea 2012' consists of on ground-exhibition and sea-exhibition and displays starting from the giant yacht&boat to lots of equipment needed for yachts and boats, and on the shore of Jinhaeru, lots of boats and yachts are on display, and there's going to be a yacht race match and jetski/jet-canoe show.


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