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From May the 10th to 13th, Chunryu(www.chunryu.com) participates in the 'Yacht&Boat Korea 2012' which is held at CECO and parts of Jinhaeru, and showcases various kinds of rods.

Shallow-water lure rod, support, rod used on rocks on the sea-shore, parrot-fish rod, watchtower, sea- lure rod, etc were shown by Chunryu and the products are manufactured 100% in Korea. Because it was approved in Japan, Chunryu has managed to expand its market place to Japan by selling various kinds of shallow-water rods, and sea rods.


Meanwhile, at the 'Yacht&Boat Korea 2012' consists of on ground-exhibition and sea-exhibition displays starting from the giant yacht&boat to lots of equipment needed for yachts and boats, and on the shore of Jinhaeru, lots of boats and yachts are on display, and there's going to be a yacht race match and jetski/jet-canoe show. 


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Ŭ���Ͻø� ���� �̹����� ���Ǽ� �ֽ��ϴ�!


Ŭ���Ͻø� ���� �̹����� ���Ǽ� �ֽ��ϴ�!


Ŭ���Ͻø� ���� �̹����� ���Ǽ� �ֽ��ϴ�! 

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