The Yacht industry will be a pioneer of South Sea Coastal region of So…

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Over four hundred of various sizes of islands, mild temperature ocean water, and beautiful endless coastline called Hallyeo Haesang National Park...
Kyeong-Nam province is emerging as the home of yachting.
Kyeong-Nam Provincial government legislated an act of developing yacht industry for the first time over Korea in Nov.2008
In consequence, the government announced the industrial development master plan of yacht for establishing the hub of the ocean leisure and tour.
The authority also plans to build new marinas and docks on the eight coastal cities and counties so that 1386 yachts can be moored, with the budget of roughly 90 million dollars by 2020.
Currently, six yacht institutions within Kyeong-Nam Province are being established and operated to train ocean leisure professional educators and to increase the level of population of yacht leisure.
Go-Seong city, one of the eight places, will hold the international yacht exhibition in Oct. 2009
In fact, Ocean leisure industry, especially Yacht is the key sector of powering up Southern Korea Ocean Age
The two of the world largest and best shipyards, Samsung and DaeWoo in Kyeong-Nam province, are expected to bring the positive synergy to the industry.
Moreover, Kyeong-Nam province has ambitious policy to consolidate the first step of preoccupying the yacht market of northeast Asia by making its integrative yacht industrial cluster.
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